BookShelf Speakers (Small)

BookShelf – small

Introduction: It might look like that I have all kind of speakers that one needs but this is not the case. For past few years, I have been using a DIY Amp which is installed into Computer case and runs on a transformer based PSU. Very recently I changed my computer case to a smaller one. This step was taken to save space on desk and to replace old cabinet with new one. However, with this migration, I lost the luxury of inbuilt Speakers & Amp that was there in previous computer cabinet. This called for making some nice, good looking and good sounding desktop speakers.

Project Objective: To make a bookshelf speakers or computer speakers that meets following criteria:-

  • The new set should sound better than my previous speaker set!
  • It should have Myler/Dome tweeter for excellent high frequency sound reproduction
  • It must look like a high-end speakers which sound excellent for day to day Music/Movies/YouTube on PC.
  • These set should be Passive, so that whenever I need, I can hook them up with my other Amplifier for testing or enjoyment.

Project Cost: This Project will cost you approximately Rs.2400 + 4 Weekends (Please refer to “Project Cost” and “Pricing” section on “Terms and Condition” section on sidebar for complete information)

BOM :-

  • 3/4th of 4′ x 2′ , 0.5″ MDF or Particle board  Sheet  (I have used Action TESSA 100% Marine 12mm MDF board).
  • Cutting Jigs for making circular holes for front panel (Please refer to “My Tools” section).
  • Round-over router bit for smooth finish.
  • 4 x push steel terminal connectors.
  • 2 x 3″ Mid-Bass Drivers. I have used 8 Ohms “iWai” drivers because they come with rubber surround and can perform well in such small ported enclosure.
  • 2 x 1″ Myler or Polycarbonate dome tweeter. I have used 1″ Aiwa here because they sound excellent and has silver colored dome which matches with cone color of Mid-Bass drivers.
  • 2.7uF/250VAC Poly Capacitor for Aiwa Tweeters.
  • Basic Wood-Working tools to cut boards, drill and joinery.
  • Small piece of MDF, with semicircle round-over edge (one side) for creating port.
  • 5~6 sheets of 400Grit, 220Grit and100Grit sandpaper for Orbital/Sheet Sander
  • Setup for spray paint/primer (you can use brush/roller if you don’t have spray-paint setup)
  • Stick on silicon feet. (Or you can use general purpose plastic feet)

Here are some pics of finished project:-


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