DIY BlaahBox (BoomBox)

BlaahBox in Action

Introduction: BlaahBox is a my version of BoomBox. There are several projects available on internet that show different designs that one can adapt for making a BoomBox. The design used here is jut another version, made specifically to suit my needs.

Project Objective: To make a mobile soundbar, powerful enough to be used for:-

  • Watching movies (on laptop/TV)
  • Can run from from spare 12V power supply that I have (got it from TATA-SKY)
  • Can be used as a audio-docking via front 3.5mm connectors for MP3/Mobile-Phone playback.
  • Should look aesthetically good when placed near TV or other electronic devices
  • To improve my woodworking skills to next level before I attempt bookshelf speakers.

Project Cost: This Project will cost you approximately Rs.2500 + 2 Weekends (Please refer to “Project Cost” and “Pricing” on “Terms and Condition” section on sidebar for complete information)

BOM :-

  • 4′ x 2′ , 0.5″ MDF or Particle board  Sheet  (I have used Action TESSA 100% Marine 12mm MDF board)
  • Cutting Jigs for making circular holes for front panel (Please refer to “My Tools” section)
  • Any 12V DIY amplifier (I have used TA82XX based 12V Amplifier)
  • A 12V DC power adaptor. (I have used a TATA Sky Adaptor)
  • Basic Wood-Working tools to cut boards, drill and joinery.
  • Shielded Drivers (you can use 6 drivers like I did or can use more or less). I have used 2 x 3″ iWai Mid Bass, 2 x 1″ Dainty Polycarbonate Tweeter and 2 x 2″ Altec Lansing Mid Range drivers,
  • Passive Crossover (optional. I did not use any)
  • PVC pipe as port tubes (I used 40mm PVC pipe since my iWai drivers were matched better with 40mm)
  • Setup for spray Paint/Primer (you can use brush/roller if you don’t have spray-paint setup.
  • Basic Connectors such as RCA,DC,3.5mm,Fuse etc.
  • Stick on silicon feet. (Or you can use general purpose plastic feet)
  • “L” shaped connector and matched nut-bolt for removable back-panel.

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