DIY BookShelf

Introduction: I am not into reading books! However, my wife is. That being said, “we” have a lot of books on the dinning table, on the sofa, in the kitchen, on computer table, in the wardrobe (you name the place, and books have reached there). To stop this invasion of books, I needed a bookshelf. I asked for a quote from few carpenters and they ran into some odd INR 14,000~22,000 . In-spite of me asking for a very simple, frame based design, they all managed to get me a quote, that ran into 5 figure. That was the time, when we decided, why not make one our self?

Project Objective: To make a bookshelf that meets following criteria:-

  • Fits nicely and completely on the western wall of my drawing room
  • Has ample amount of storage for all books that we have + future storage
  • Does not require working with SunMica / Paint
  • “Should” look cute!     (“cough, cough”)

Project Cost: This Project will cost you approximately Rs.3500 + 3 Weekends (Please refer to “Project Cost” and “Pricing” section on “Terms and Condition” section on sidebar for complete information)


  • 4′ x 6′ 15mm or 12mm (you can also choose 18mm) Plywood sheet, preferably semi marine or marine.
  • 20~25 Sheets of 400Grit and 150Grit Sandpapers for Orbital/Sheet Sander
  • Fevicol Marine (100gm will do)
  • 55~60 Black Powder Coated Wood Screws
  • Round semi circle profile edge wood (refer to photos)
  • Polish base + color of your choice
  • Asian Paint PU Clear Finish Wood Paint (technically not a paint, but lets just call it finishing paint)


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