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Disclaimer:  By accessing or using www.BlumIndia.com you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. Although you are free to try any project from www.BlumIndia.com, do it at your own risk. Any direct or indirect, damage or injury that you may incur is not www.BlumIndia.com’s or its owner’s responsibility. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please do not use this site.

Safety: It is assumed that you are technically skilled and aware to work with electrical devices, mains voltage, mains lines, power tools, woodworking tools and other miscellaneous equipments, tools and jigs used for woodworking, DIY and electronics.

Tools: I am not affiliated with any tool company and its just a coincidence that I happen to find affordable tools of reputed companies. You need not be using exact same tools and can work your way out using either a superior model of same tool / tool company. However, taking care of your tools remains same, regardless of company/model/price.

Copyright: All images posted on www.BlumIndia.com are self taken. You are free to make any project for your own NON-COMMERCIAL use only. All images are copyrighted, hence copying/posting/re-Posting/Hotlink/Printing these images is strictly prohibited under copyright laws.

Pricing: Any pricing mentioned on www.BlumIndia.com is an approximation only. Usually, local shops sells at much lower price when compared with Online Shops, where shipping charges, VAT, Service tax, GST and LBT are all included and an all inclusive higher price is charged. Please do not take www.BlumIndia.com pricing for granted and try to find best pricing as per your local shops in your state/city. There will surely be a good difference.

Project Cost: Every Project listed on BlumIndia has some approximate project cost mentioned.  Apart from the “Pricing” section (please see above), the project cost consist of two more things. (a) Assumption that you have required tools to make the said project (hence tool procurement cost is not added) and (b) Weekends – number of weekends which one may sacrifice behind working on the said project (This also means that one can resume his/her regular work/job during weekdays).

Common Sense: Leaving your email address, mobile phone number and other contact details anywhere on BlumIndia.com is a very silly thing to do. If you want to contact me for any help for a DIY project, pricing, purchase/sale of a DIY KIT, please feel free to do so by writing to me directly at info@blumIndia.com. When you send an email, do NOT forget to mention all details about your query. One liner emails OR silly request emails will not be entertained. Please use the comments sections on BlumIndia sensibly and be patient for you comments to appear. Each comment goes through an approval process and it might take some time before I approve it.

General Rant / Gyaan : Yes, it is quiet possible that what is shown on BlumIndia.com is a total failed project. It is also possible (and in many case it is for real) that I have done something in a way which is not the best way (or may be stupid way). The best way is already out there and I totally failed to notice it or adapt it. And there are better “XYZ” projects that I must try. etc..etc….

Well, once again I would like to remind you that BlumIndia.com is my personal website which showcase my DIY projects in Wood-working, Audio Amps and General electronics. In my honest opinion, there is a very thin line of difference between “expressing views or concern” and “Ranting”. Your views and comments will always be welcomed as long as they don’t cross that thin line. As for the “Gyaan” (a.k.a. knowledge) is concerned, it is always welcomed in positive spirit.

Use of product names, brands, trademarks and Logo: Brand names, logos and trademarks used on www.BlumIndia.com remain the property of their respective owners. The Listing or Photo of any firm or their logos is not intended to imply any endorsement or direct affiliation with www.BlumIndia.com

Last but not least: I don’t give a FUCK of what you think or care. The least I did was made a website and posted everything by myself based on my own research and experience. Don’t like it? click on the right top corner and close your browser. Easy, eh?

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