This DIY KIT not only looks good, but also sounds good and has one of the best build quality due to high quality PCB that I got imported from an Chinese supplier. The IC LM1875, isĀ  very simple to use and provides very clean and tight bass, when used with quality capacitors. I was amazed with its performance when I first fired up the kit. That very moment I realized that this kit is going to be a great hit for DIY-ers who wants: –

  • simple layout with minimal parts
  • compact enough (e.g. to go along with a bookshelf speakers)
  • has great powers to bring music to reality

Here is a small photo gallery of first build that I have made: –

I bought this PCB in bulk from a Chinese supplier for a discounted price and ended up paying import duties :-( A similar kit can be assembled for as low as Rs.950 with quality parts from http://diyhifishop.com. They also have other good DIY KIT’s, if you are interested. In this kit, the PCB is the costliest component, when you assemble with normal components. If you customize this kit with Nichicons and Dales, it can almost reach into the same price band as LM4780 premium grade kits.

In my opinion, first timers should try to build similar projects on a simple general purpose PCB’s and then should jump onto such premium grade kits. Its very easy and cheaper to attempt to experiment when working with local parts. Its a great learning experience too.

There is no use of buying such quality stuff straight out of excitement thinking that you can make it work. Even though I equip all kits with good amount of minimum literature required, there have been times when I have struggled and ended up explaining very basics to the end customer. Its not that I don’t like to do that, but its the idea that the kit should work straight out of box when assembled. And, for that to happen, the user must be equipped with basics.

For me, the fun is to see the DIY-ers happy reaction of seeing his/her investment working amazingly well!


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