LM3886 is one of the best IC to work with. It has lot of power (68Watts) and great highs/lows. The PCB (and IC) for this can found on eBay.in and the total project cost (with local quality parts) is approximately Rs.1250 including Transformer and PSU components.

Here is a small photo gallery of various builds that I have made: –

When it comes to this LM3886 DIY kit, everything is very simple and straightforward. As a general rule of thumb that goes with any Audio Amp, a good grounding and a robust PSU is required (preferably with Star ground). Once you setup your Amp according to basic rules of “Audio Amp”, you will get the best from this simple chip.

This Amp is a “No-Hiss, No Hum” Amp and its the designer’s responsibility to provide the required environment to the kit to perform at this level. If you don’t want to buy the kit from BlumIndia due to price constraints, you can choose to buy the bare PCB from eBay.in for as less as Rs.35+Shipping from one of the established eBay seller called “Rajudp” (early 2014)

PSU Parts, IC and PCB parts can be purchased locally for around Rs.1200 (the cheapest ones). There are no special instructions required. When you buy bare PCB from eBay, the seller will provide you with basic layout and information.

If you happen to buy from BlumIndia eBay, I will bundle everything in a package along with a printed kit assembly guideline + email support (sometimes telephonic, wherever applicable). I have all sort of audio grade components in my stock (be it fancy or premium grade). This is a result of years of experimenting, collecting & scavenging :-)

Due to this reason, few of my builds are made from expensive components, even though the KIT/PCB was very simple and cheap.



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