PA150, 3x LM3886 *

PA150, 3x LM3886

My new project is a PA150, using 3x LM3886. This KIT would be running 3 LM3886 in a Parallel mode and will be able to drive a 4Ohm driver with approx. 120+Watts. The specs and configuration allows it to give 150Watts into 2.7ohm driver, but its difficult to get a driver with that specs. Interestingly, two of these KIT can be bridged together to get 300Watts Monoblock amp. You can get complete details on such Monoblock Amp on and on National’s application note AN1192 . I have only bought 3 PCB’s via aliexpress and the remaining components are imported via Element14 and Mouser. To get the best performance, I am planing to use only top quality components on this KIT (such as yageo, dale, wima, nichicon etc).

The above project is doomed till I figure out some time out of my schedule. All the time is currently spent in reincarnating BlumIndia YouTube Channel.

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